Since 1987, more than 350 research projects have been initiated at the Research Forest. As forest managers, we seek and provide opportunities for researchers to implement projects at our secure site. We welcome researchers from throughout the University of British Columbia, other universities and colleges, federal and provincial government ministries, the forest industry, outside research institutions, and consultants requiring an outdoor laboratory.

Our Services

  • No-charge assistance with project site selection
  • Free access to all management history data, spatial information, and very detailed ecosystem distribution maps
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation
  • Ensuring project site security, and maintenance of the on-line Research Project Database
  • Cost-recovery assistance such as:  sample and data collection, preparing operational plans, and supervision

How to Establish a Research Project

There are few limitations to the types of projects that we will host on the forest, however, research may not be classified and must pass a screening process for compliance with ethical, environmental, and safety standards (see Researcher Use Policy).

All projects are described on the fully searchable on-line University Research Forests Database located at  Researchers interested in establishing a project can apply by following “Instructions” at that site. The Research Forests’ Associate Director of Learning Engagement can provide you with a “researcher login”, with which you can access the database to submit a new project.