Extension Note Series

UBC Research Forests Quicksheets

  1. Salvage logging on the Research Forest 
  2. Control of spruce weevil damage by introduction of alternate commercial species. FRDA II. Planting Prescriptions
  3. Fire Frequency in Dry Interior Douglas-fir Forests
  4. Harvesting Priorities at the Alex Fraser Research Forest
  5. not available
  6. Impact of the white pine weevil on spruce plantations in the Alex Fraser Research Forest 
  7. Alternative establishment prescription for control of spruce weevil damage: Five year growth and performance
  8. Five Year Growth and Performance of Copper Treated Lodgepole Pine 
  9. Slow Release Time-of-Planting Fertilizer for Restoration of Degraded Sites – 3 Year Results
  10. Cottonwood establishment on a wet SBSdw1 site using three methods of artificial regeneration
  11. Potential causes of basal forking in young lodgepole pine plantations – Establishment Report
  12. Siberian Larch growth and performance trial
  13. Enhanced Silviculture Treatments in the ICHmk3
  14. Directions To UBC Cabin and Gavin Lake Forest Education Centre
  15. Raptor Habitat Management on the Alex Fraser Research Forest
  16. Alternative Establishment Prescription for Control of Spruce Weevil Damage: Year 8 Growth and Performance
  17. Summary of Shelterwood Codominant Ten Year Response in 50% Basal Area Removal
  18. Stump vs. Regular Planted Conifer Seedling Growth and Performance – 2 Year Summary
  19. Landing Restoration Tillage Intensity and Fertilisation – Year 2 Results
  20. Enhanced Silviculture in a Douglas-fir Plantation in the ICHmk3
  21. Commercial Thinning on Mule Deer Winter Range
  22. 13-Year Results of an Interior Douglas-fir Precommercial Thinning Experiment, 2005
  23. Performance of Ponderosa Pine and Western Larch Planted North of Natural Range, 2007
  24. Basal Forking in Nursery-induced Mature Foliage Lodgepole Pine Seedlings vs. Regular Planting Stock After 7 Growing Seasons, 2008
  25. Five-year Performance of Ponderosa Pine and Western Larch Planted North of Natural Ranges, 2010
  26. Alternative Establishment Prescription For Control Of Spruce Weevil Damage: 15-Year Analysis Of Growth And Performance, 2011
  27. 10-Year Performance of Ponderosa Pine and Western Larch Planted North of Natural Ranges, 2014


BC Community Forest Association Handbook

UBC AFRF was a partner to produce chapters about forest management on area-based tenures.

  1. The community forestry guidebook II: Effective governance and forest management, 2013