Forest Management

The AFRF is currently updating the  Management and Working Plan  post wildfire and sanitation harvesting activities. Management integrates provincial regulations, the Cariboo-Chilcotin Land Use Plan and sub-regional plans.

We manage the Alex Fraser Research Forest to create opportunities for education, research and demonstration of sustainable forest management.  We steward the Research Forest to produce a sustainable flow of values, in a financially self-sufficient manner.


  1. We will operate a viable forestry enterprise, to pursue the mission of the Faculty of Forestry and UBC.  By managing our forest lands for education, research, and demonstration, we will positively affect natural resource science, management, and stewardship.
  2. We will create a wide range of conditions to maintain a field laboratory that supports teaching, research, and demonstration in resource management and conservation.
  3. We will protect investments in research and teaching from our management activities, and from other research activities.
  4. We will thoughtfully carry out and document our activities, to actively support teaching and research for students, faculty, and professionals.  We will make our experience available to those who seek it.
  5. We will promote the use of the Research Forest, and ensure that the Research Forest remains relevant to the Faculty of Forestry, UBC, and the citizens of British Columbia and the world.

Forest Management Objectives

  1. Harvest timber to provide sufficient revenue to pay for the management of the Research Forest;
  2. Provide opportunities for education, research, and demonstration in forest resources conservation and management;
  3. Provide opportunities to vary practices from current standards to test unorthodox approaches;
  4. Protect the productivity and hydrologic function of the soil in all operations;
  5. Sustain or enhance the resources available on the Research Forest for
    -fish and wildlife habitat
    – water
    – timber
    – range
    – recreation;
  6. Protect and conserve the values in place on the Research Forest, including
    – research and education sites
    – visual quality
    – biological diversity
    – cultural heritage resources;
  7. Protect the forest from catastrophic losses due to
    – forest fires
    – insect and disease infestations
  8. Grow and harvest a diverse range of timber products and non-timber forest products for sale;
  9. Regulate the harvest of timber and non-timber forest products to minimize the periodic variation in revenue;
  10. Regulate the composition of the forest to ensure
    – vigorous and productive forests
    – a diversity of habitats
    – a diversity of product opportunities;
  11. Carry out our activities to provide a safe, healthy, and secure environment in which to conduct our affairs.