Also available at the AFRF office and at trailheads:

Alex Fraser Research Forest – General information about the Research Forest

Armillaria Trail – Demonstration of Armillaria root disease symptoms, management implicaitons, and some research in progress.

Dry-belt Dynamics Trail – Operational details of commercial thinning in dry interior Douglas-fir forests of predominantly small diameter.

Ecological Site Mapping of the UBC Alex Fraser Research Forest – The process behind the development of detailed ecosystem mapping and identification tools is outlined.

Gavin Lake Soils Trail – Technical soil profiles and map of 4 sites.

Incremental Silviculture of Lodgepole Pine: Stand Tending and Biodiversity – Research results about the influence of stand density and nutrition on growth and yield, habitat structure, range and small mammal diversity in lodgepole pine.

The Knife Creek Mule Deer Trail – Mule deer winter range ecology and timber harvesting in winter range habitat.

Rainbow Trail – Rainbow Trout spawning and rearing habitat needs and stream restoration techniques.

Research Forest Block Locations – General RF information, Gavin Lake Recreation Trails map and tree identification.

Uniform Shelterwood Silvicultural Systems for Douglas-fir Regeneration – Uniform shelterwood silv. system rationale and 11 year research results addressing Douglas-fir regeneration.

Walk of Doom – Forest health factors (spruce weevil, browsing, summer frosts) causing silvicultural difficulties in a stand are described